Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thus far, 2010 has been work-heavy...

...and BJJ-light (by light, I mean nonexistent). I plan to remedy that this weekend, when my antibiotics have had a few days to work some magic on this sinus infection. Then, just in time for my grand return to BJJ, I'll have loads of women coming to visit.

Right now, it looks like Brian will be in upstate NY Saturday - Monday, and I'll have company coming down on Friday night. Kelly, Arial, Leslie, and Jessy will be here Friday night, and then Tori gets down on Saturday afternoon sometime. On top of the traveling women, Cheryl, Andi, Thea, and maybe Barbara and Kinsey are going to come out and train some over the weekend, too. I've also spread the word to Liz, Lo, Cecily, and a few others that I'm hoping can make it to at least one of the three times we'll all be training. Klint is going to open the gym on Sunday morning for us, too. Oh, and I can't forget Marie, Amy, and Meaghan, the women that already train at my gym. It should be the girliest, grappliest weekend in ages!

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  1. I was already excited, but now I'm positively giddy. :) Is it Friday yet??