Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh, the bruises.

My return to BJJ has left me with lots of new bruises, including one on the top of my left foot. That's a weird one. I think it came from someone trying to kick/scrape my foot off in half guard.

At any rate, class last night was HARD, but I had a blast. Let me see if I can remember how it went. First, I helped out with the kids' class. There were two new kids (brother and sister), so Klint worked with the brother while I worked with the 5 year old girl. Working with her went something like this:

Me: Aliya, the first thing we're going to learn is how to stand up.
Aliya: I know how to stand up. I can kick, too. Can I play on that stuff?
Me: No, no playing now. We're going to learn a special way to stand up, just for jiu jitsu. Sit just like me.
Aliya: I want to run around. Can I run around?
Me: No, you can only run if you're on time for class. We run to warm up.
Aliya: I'm cold.
Me: Are you sitting like me? Let's practice standing up now. Pretend your elbow is glued to your knee.
Aliya: Glue! Hahahahaha! (Falls down laughing.)

This was the first 3 or 4 minutes. The next 40 minutes were more of the same. I did get her standing up in base, scooting up and down the mat followed with standing in base, and then we semi-learned what guard, side control, mount, and back mount are. I let her hold onto Brandon's back while he rolled her around. She liked pretending to be a spider monkey.

After making it through the kids' class, the adult class started at 6:30. Dan started the warmups, and Klint said something along the lines of, "Dan, make them do something awful now." So, Dan lined us up and broke us into three groups. We did wind sprints for 30 or 45 seconds/group for 2 rounds. Then, wrestling shots up and back in groups of three again, but I was trying to show a new girl how to do wrestling shots, so I got a little break there. Then, Dan paired us into groups of 3 and we lined up across the mat (think monkey in the middle scenario) to work on takedowns and other awful-ness. Center person runs to person 1, takes him down, bear crawls to person 2, takes him down, run/breakfall/run back to person 1, take him down, bear crawl...until you've done 10 takedowns. Whew. Then, we circled up and did this weird hand thing. Hold your arms straight out in front of you. Make a fist. Now, open your fist, exploding your fingers outward. There must have been 20 people in class last night, and we went around the circle and did a 10-count for each person with arms in front, arms to sides, and then arms overhead. Ow ow ow ow ow.

After that, we did 10 minutes of drilling a butterfly sweep to side control/recompose butterfly guard, sweep to side control, etc. I did that with MikeByrd, who was having big fun trying to sweep me right into being mounted (which he did more than once).

Next up, king of the hill. Marie, MikeByrd, Todd, and Mark remained kings through the entire session (maybe 15 minutes?), regardless of who won. Sweep/submit/pass are the closed guard. I got a pass that Mike Crawford showed me on Saturday to work on Marie and Todd, and a variation on Mark (I never got matched up with MB during these rounds), so I was really happy. Then, Klint broke us into groups of 3 for 2 minute rounds with people similar in size. Same rules, starting in butterfly guard, and resetting when there was a sweep/submission/pass. I worked with Rose and Marie, and had more success with that new pass. Seriously, this pass is money, yo. That's how much I like it. I had to get all street on you.

Finally, time to bow out, and then we started competition-type sparring. 5 minute rounds, 1 minute break. No resting need to rest a round, you're done for the night. I did 2 rounds with Amy, one with Eric, one with Marie, and then one with MikeByrd, and then there was no one left to grapple. All in all, a very long night of hard work.

I'm achy today, but I think the endorphins are still hanging around, because I'm in a pretty darn good mood. Back to the gym tomorrow and Saturday for more of the same.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thus far, 2010 has been work-heavy...

...and BJJ-light (by light, I mean nonexistent). I plan to remedy that this weekend, when my antibiotics have had a few days to work some magic on this sinus infection. Then, just in time for my grand return to BJJ, I'll have loads of women coming to visit.

Right now, it looks like Brian will be in upstate NY Saturday - Monday, and I'll have company coming down on Friday night. Kelly, Arial, Leslie, and Jessy will be here Friday night, and then Tori gets down on Saturday afternoon sometime. On top of the traveling women, Cheryl, Andi, Thea, and maybe Barbara and Kinsey are going to come out and train some over the weekend, too. I've also spread the word to Liz, Lo, Cecily, and a few others that I'm hoping can make it to at least one of the three times we'll all be training. Klint is going to open the gym on Sunday morning for us, too. Oh, and I can't forget Marie, Amy, and Meaghan, the women that already train at my gym. It should be the girliest, grappliest weekend in ages!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

BJJ in 2009

In 2009, I trained 100 times (remember my calendar coloring?). I competed once.

Here's hoping 2010 is better than that.