Thursday, December 3, 2009

The internet makes the world tiny

I left work yesterday around 4:15 to go pick up medals/trophies for our tournament this weekend. This meant leaving the West End of RVA at 5:10, prime traffic time. Add to that the pouring rain (it rains every day, it seems), and it took me about 75 minutes to get home. It should have taken 40, tops. Ugh. Anyway, I'm sitting in traffic, at a red light (for the third cycle, I believe), and I tweeted that the only good thing about traffic was getting to listen to more of the audio book on my iPod right now. By the time I got home, maybe 30 minutes later, the author himself replied to me on Twitter. That's freaky. I think I actually blushed. (I intentionally didn't mention the author or the book here because I'm sure his web searches will find this, and I'll blush all over again.) The book is awesome, though, and I'm really glad Brian got me to listen to it.

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