Friday, June 26, 2009

Diamond State Games, Competing, and a weird dream

Last weekend, we (US Grappling) ran our 4th Diamond State Games. I think it was the 5th one for Andrew, but only the 4th for me. Anyway, it was also our first two day event, and I really liked it. We were out of the venue by 4 or 5 each day, and had a great time. I even got to compete on Sunday, which was nice. I hadn't competed since November of 2007, back when I was still a white belt. (Andrew says the in-house tournament last year doesn't count.) was actually fun. What I remember of the match: I corrected Turkey Sandwich on the match length time, we shook hands, and I pulled guard pretty quickly. I had a hard time gripping my opponent's sleeves because they were kind of short, but I still worked a little spider guard. I went back and forth with that and closed guard for a while, finally dragging her right arm across to my right side and taking her back. I tried for a bow & arrow choke, but my bottom leg was trapped too deep, so I couldn't get the angle. I think we scrambled around a little when she escaped, and I ended up with her in my half guard. I moved to scissor half, and tried for a kimura from there, which allowed her to pass my guard. I got to my knees and ended up mounting her. Wait, I may have already mounted her earlier, too. I forget now, but I think I was up 8-0 when she passed my guard. I'm not sure any more. The final score ended up 12-3. I had submission opportunities (bow & arrow, kimura, the S-mount armbar I love), but didn't really commit to any of them. I'm sort of disappointed in myself for that, but I'm glad I competed, and was able to actually enjoy the experience. I'm alllmost looking forward to doing it again.

Now, the weird dream I had last night. First, there was a pink buffalo. Really. He was the color of cotton candy. He and I had a high-dive act. We would dive off of platforms into a really deep pool. Jen Flannery was there, taking pictures of us in the water. As a matter of fact, a lot of BJJ people were there. I think someone was coaching me and the buffalo, and there was a referee, like in a tournament. Man, I wish I had written this down when I first woke up, because there was a lot more. Still, I can remember the fluffy pink hair on the buffalo very clearly. Plus, I remember how his eyes looked (dark brown, and very calm) and how his nose looked, and how it felt when he would breathe on me.

Looking back, I suspect Miles was standing next to the bed.

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