Friday, June 26, 2009

Diamond State Games, Competing, and a weird dream

Last weekend, we (US Grappling) ran our 4th Diamond State Games. I think it was the 5th one for Andrew, but only the 4th for me. Anyway, it was also our first two day event, and I really liked it. We were out of the venue by 4 or 5 each day, and had a great time. I even got to compete on Sunday, which was nice. I hadn't competed since November of 2007, back when I was still a white belt. (Andrew says the in-house tournament last year doesn't count.) was actually fun. What I remember of the match: I corrected Turkey Sandwich on the match length time, we shook hands, and I pulled guard pretty quickly. I had a hard time gripping my opponent's sleeves because they were kind of short, but I still worked a little spider guard. I went back and forth with that and closed guard for a while, finally dragging her right arm across to my right side and taking her back. I tried for a bow & arrow choke, but my bottom leg was trapped too deep, so I couldn't get the angle. I think we scrambled around a little when she escaped, and I ended up with her in my half guard. I moved to scissor half, and tried for a kimura from there, which allowed her to pass my guard. I got to my knees and ended up mounting her. Wait, I may have already mounted her earlier, too. I forget now, but I think I was up 8-0 when she passed my guard. I'm not sure any more. The final score ended up 12-3. I had submission opportunities (bow & arrow, kimura, the S-mount armbar I love), but didn't really commit to any of them. I'm sort of disappointed in myself for that, but I'm glad I competed, and was able to actually enjoy the experience. I'm alllmost looking forward to doing it again.

Now, the weird dream I had last night. First, there was a pink buffalo. Really. He was the color of cotton candy. He and I had a high-dive act. We would dive off of platforms into a really deep pool. Jen Flannery was there, taking pictures of us in the water. As a matter of fact, a lot of BJJ people were there. I think someone was coaching me and the buffalo, and there was a referee, like in a tournament. Man, I wish I had written this down when I first woke up, because there was a lot more. Still, I can remember the fluffy pink hair on the buffalo very clearly. Plus, I remember how his eyes looked (dark brown, and very calm) and how his nose looked, and how it felt when he would breathe on me.

Looking back, I suspect Miles was standing next to the bed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Women's open mat weekend

First, and now bring you to my blog. Thanks, Brian!!

On to women's open mat weekend info:

Friday night, Brian and I picked Alaina up at the airport around 6:45 PM.  We headed off to Andrew's class, where we did 2 takedowns (tane otoshi and sumi gaeshi), followed by an evil straight ankle lock that I had to modify just a little in order to do it.  Then, Elaine and Lisa showed up around 9:20 PM, and we waited for Kelly (who went to Richmond BJJ instead of Revolution BJJ on Friday night).  We had dinner at O'Charley's, where our waitress worked very hard to keep us happy.  Back to Casa Linzy, where we went to sleep around 1:30 or 2 AM.

Saturday morning, I made eggs for people, pretending to take special orders, except I can only scramble them.  Luckily, everyone wanted scrambled eggs.     Outlier DC made an awesome fruit salad, and Alaina fried some bacon.  Off to Richmond BJJ for Burdo's class at noon (Lisa was brave enough to go to the 10 AM yoga class first!), where Eric taught a choke that I really like, along with two sweeps off of the choke setup.  Then,  he showed a few ways to get your underhook back from half guard bottom, along with one more thing from there that I've forgotten.  I like Eric's teaching style - it's very detailed and he gives you the 'why', not just the 'how'.  This is very important to keeping my brain happy.  The best part about this class is that there were 7 blue belt women, 1 blue belt man, 9 white belt men, and 5 white belt women.  The women outnumbered AND outranked the dudes.  Very cool to see!  At 2 PM, Eric kicked the boys out, and more women started trickling in.  We ended up with 18 women at the open mat.

Highlights for me:  getting to use my favorite armbar on two people Saturday (everyone at my gym is hip to it now, the jerks), and meeting loads of new women.  Some of them even live here in Richmond, so we'll all get together again soon, I'm sure.

After the open mat ended, around 4 or 4:30, we all headed off to shower at different places, and then met up for dinner at Cafe Gutenberg (which was DELICIOUS).  Then, we booked back to Casa Linzy (I live about 20 minutes from downtown, but it's worth the drive, in my head) to watch the UFC.  Lots of us half-watched, and half-slept through the fights.  People cuddled with my dogs (like Lauren). 

After everyone left, Elaine and Brian stayed up talking about geeky things until nearly 3 AM.  I dozed on the couch, waking up to toss in random (appropriate) comments from time to time. 

We all got back up around 8 AM Saturday, and headed to brunch at Galaxy Diner.  Galaxy offers things like Oreo pancakes and trailer park pancakes (which is actually french toast, stuffed with peanut butter and bananas).  Despite common sense telling us not to move, we headed to Starbucks to kill a little time before the open mat started at 1 PM.  The open mat had 7 or 8 women at it (Alaina, Elaine, Lisa, Leslie, Rosie, Andrea, Eva, Lo, and me...I hope I'm not forgetting anyone), plus another 6 or 8 guys.  I think all of the women got to roll with Andrew and Vince, our awesome purple belt dude. 

Lisa and Elaine headed back to NoVA/NJ around 2:30 (right as Eva, Andrea, and Rosie showed up), and Brian and I left with Alaina and MikeByrd around 3:15, so we could get Alaina to her flight home on time.  I dropped her off at the airport around 5:15 PM, picked up some dinner, and went to bed at 8:30 PM.  It was a fantastic weekend, but exhausting.