Thursday, March 19, 2009


For years, I've wanted to like oatmeal. I like oatmeal cookies (but not the ones with raisins in them), so it seemed like there should be a way for me to eat oatmeal for breakfast. I tried all of the instant oatmeal with fruit, with cinnamon roll flavoring, maple and brown sugar, etc., but they all tasted weird and mushy to me...sort of like a bowl of mushy chemicals. So, I had pretty much accepted that I wasn't ever going to actually like oatmeal. Then, I found McCann's Irish Oatmeal in the hippie section of the grocery store. I liked the can, so I figured even if I didn't like the oatmeal, I was still getting a neat can out of the deal. (No, I had no plans for this was just neat.) So, Brian makes some of this new oatmeal, and it's not too bad. I put some fresh fruit in it, and some nuts, and I found that it wasn't too bad. The only down side is that it takes like 45 minutes to make it. Boo! No way I'm getting up 45 minutes earlier to make oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes Brian will make a big batch, so we just have to reheat in the microwave, which works. The other day, I found oven toasted oats in the hippie section, and they claim that this oatmeal cooks in 3-5 minutes. I made some this morning, and it was more like 10 minutes, not counting the time it took the water to boil, but that is still preferred to 45 minutes. I'm having a bowl of semi-instant oatmeal right now. I added a little brown sugar, a bunch of pecans, and some sliced almonds. It's good. Not tolerable, but GOOD. It's so nice to finally have a breakfast option!!

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  1. Make the McCann's the night before! Just heat the water to boiling, add the oats, and turn off the heat. Leave the covered pot on the stove all night. The next morning just reheat and you're good!