Friday, February 27, 2009

Blackberry blogging

Since my public (and by 'my public', I mean Kelly) demands more blogging, & since my tech support (and by 'my tech support', I mean Brian) has pointed out a myriad of ways that I can blog while working, I've decided to try one out. I'm blogging using Opera Mini, on my Blackberry. I typically like Opera Mini, even though it's a little weird with the zooming.

Now, on to actual blogging, or something. Thanks to Brian, I've started listening to TED talks on my iPod. They're great! Plus, they're all right about 20 minutes long, so they're perfect for the drive to work. If I were blogging from a computer, I'd post links or something. Sorry.


  1. Yay!

  2. Although I did not demand more blogging (I would have had I had time), I wish to be considered in your public as well.

    And I am very excited you will train with us tomorrow!

  3. Woo! I am a public!

    Onto the actual blogging, very good very good. Keep it up.

  4. Are there any in particular you'd recommend? I normally go with the BBC, Berkeley and Fightworks for my podcast needs, but always good to have more options.

  5. slideyfoot - There are TED talks about nearly every topic. I've listened to talks on new technology, music, ways to create jobs, etc. If you go to the link that Brain posted, you'll see tons of topics. One of my favorites is this one, though: