Friday, February 27, 2009

Blackberry blogging

Since my public (and by 'my public', I mean Kelly) demands more blogging, & since my tech support (and by 'my tech support', I mean Brian) has pointed out a myriad of ways that I can blog while working, I've decided to try one out. I'm blogging using Opera Mini, on my Blackberry. I typically like Opera Mini, even though it's a little weird with the zooming.

Now, on to actual blogging, or something. Thanks to Brian, I've started listening to TED talks on my iPod. They're great! Plus, they're all right about 20 minutes long, so they're perfect for the drive to work. If I were blogging from a computer, I'd post links or something. Sorry.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, I suck at blogging

Here's the thing. My job blocked I can't blog from work. That's when I feel "bloggy". In the evenings, if I'm not training, I play Mafia Wars, Scrabble, Lexulous, Scramble, or Word Twist. I don't do thinking things after work, aside from BJJ. Work uses up all of my thinking power.

Okay, that's not true. I have plenty of thinking power left. I just don't think about blogging when I'm not at work. That's really what it boils down to, I think.

In better news, I'm still keeping track of my training for the month. Unfortunately, February has been crap-tastic for training. I think I've trained 5 times. I spent the first 10 days recovering from a hellacious cold (and I'm still coughing, even now). To make up for it, I'm going to go to NoVA this weekend. I'm going to hit the first hour of the open mat at FightWorks, and then go to Fifty/50 BJJ for the women's class, followed by their open mat. I should make it back to Richmond sometime Saturday evening, as long as I don't collapse on a mat somewhere.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dogs are funny

Dogs develop the weirdest quirks. For example, Miles comes in from outside and always goes to the same spot to sit in the living room. He sits with his butt against the love seat, facing the dining room. It's his 'I just came in from outside' sitting spot. He does it every time. It makes no sense, but makes me laugh, just the same. A minute ago, he came in, and Deke's feet were hanging over the edge of the love seat, where Miles needed to sit. He sat down and scooted over until Deke pulled one foot back onto the love seat, so Miles could be in the proper spot.

Deke's biggest quirk lately is lying on the love seat, flinging his head onto the arm of it, staring at me sitting on the couch, and whining. I'm not really sure what he wants, but it's weird.

Oh, and if Brian stomps his feet, it signals the beginning of 'crazy time'. Both dogs, but especially Miles, run around and grab toys and slam into each other in mid-air for about 5 minutes. Then, they need another nap. Ah, to be a dog.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Vegas observations

1) Strippers, stripper-hopefuls, and former strippers (or those that should be former strippers) are everywhere.
2) Everyone smokes.
3) Thanks to the UFC, there were Affliction and TapouT shirts everywhere we turned.
4) BJ Penn has a lot of fans, and they all wear his shirts, too.
5) Vegas is not a good place to be a pedestrian.
6) Slot machines are boring after about 5 minutes.
7) There were more overweight cocktail waitresses than I expected.
8) The best thing about Vegas (that I saw) = lions inside MGM Grand. I could have hung out there all day.
9) The food that everyone raves about is really just okay.
10) It's not as easy to get lost inside the hotels as everyone claims. I suspect that has a lot to do with how much you're drinking while you're there.

Overall, I felt like Vegas is one of those places that you have to go to, so you can say you've been there. I didn't feel the instant love for it like I did for NYC, and I didn't feel the instant need to book another trip. I'm sure we'll go back again, though. Next time, we'll have to take in a show or two.

In other news, I am still sick. Boo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

So much to say

And yet, I feel too crappy to type it all up.

Short version: We went to Vegas with another couple that we affectionately call the Bleeds. Yep, I know it's a lousy name. Not my fault. Their screen names are Letmbleed and Letrbleed. What else would you call them? Anyway, we met up in Vegas on Friday, watched MMA fighters weigh in (surprisingly anti-climactic, oddly), then had a swell dinner at a Mexican restaurant in MGM Grand. I think it was called Diego's. Anyway, that was probably the best food we had in Vegas. Saturday, we roamed around the strip a bit, and stopped in a few different casinos. I think New York, New York was everyone's favorite. I know I thought it had the best vibe. Plus, I won money at their slots! Okay, so it was $3.75, but still...I'm a winner! Woo! Saturday night, we went to the UFC, where we saw fascinating things, including a UFC fighter in a sequined dress and heels (hooray for Gono!). We also saw sad things, like BJ Penn getting his guard passed and his face pounded repeatedly by GSP. I like GSP, and feel that he's a great champion/representative of the sport, but BJ Penn has always been one of my favorite fighters. It was very sad to watch GSP just run through him. Sigh.

Anyway, I spent the whole time we were in Vegas sick, and I still feel crummy. I'll post more Vegas observations tomorrow or the next day.