Monday, January 26, 2009


Right this minute, my pink marks and my purple marks are tied. I've already made Friday and Saturday purple days, since we'll be out of town, and I'm counting those, too. That means that as long as I train tonight, I can't finish worse than .500 (I prefer to think in terms of batting averages, instead of test scores). If I train tonight AND make it to the Wednesday day class, I'm up two classes! It's been a while since I trained this many times in a month, so it feels good to be training regularly again. I think it's going to average out to training 3x a week. I haven't been training like that since last spring, before I hurt my foot. Even better, Brian has trained every day that I've trained. I don't remember how long it's been since he was able to train this often. (Of course, he's just ignoring all of his parts that hurt, but he's still training!)

Let's see...I don't really have anything else worth mentioning, except one more week to FTE status.

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