Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laziest weekend ever

So, I skipped BJJ Friday night, Sunday (open mat), and last night. That's right. I trained 1 of the 4 times I could have trained over the weekend. Lame. I felt very bad making all of those purple marks on my calendar this morning. I mean, so bad that I'm considering going to no gi class on Wednesday night to get an extra day back. Sigh. Sad times when I'll go to a no gi class on purpose.

On the bright side, Netflix rules. Seriously, it's a lot of fun to poke around in there and find new movies. It's fun to rate the movies. It's just fun. Dan in Real Life? Crappy. Not fun. Not at all.

Oh, I also went to Wal-Mart yesterday and got new lenses for my glasses for about half the price that my eye doctor wanted. Good grief.

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