Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've tripled my reader-ship!

That's right, folks. I went from one reader to THREE. Woo. I should be loaded off of this blog any millenium now.

In other news, today is dress-up day at work. We have 'visitors', so everyone had to wear 'business professional' clothes. Interesting to see what my team thinks that means...2 ties (not counting my director), 1 sports jacket (with a tie), 3 guys in blue shirts & khaki pants (shocking), one woman in a dress, one woman in a suit (me, but it's a fairly casual one), one woman in a girl's sports jacket sort of thing, and a few 'nice' sweaters.

Also, I am still a lazy bum, and I didn't go to no gi last night. Now I have 3 purple marks in a ROW. Sigh. I'll go tomorrow (famous last words at this point, eh?).

Only one more week until we go to Vegas. I'm pretty curious about seeing what all the fuss is out there. We're staying at The Signature @ the MGM Grand, which is their little boutique hotel that doesn't have a casino in it. It looks really nice, though, so I'm glad that our travel buddies were able to get us such a great rate on the room. Anyway, no casino means we'll be heading over to the MGM Grand to check out that hype, along with watching BJ Penn and GSP beat the tar out of each other at the UFC. Lots of firsts for me next weekend!


  1. im a jj guy myself, but i think GSP is gonna take it

  2. I think it depends on which BJ Penn shows up. If the BJ that 'trains' at Krispy Kreme shows up, GSP will win. If a hungry BJ shows up, it's going to be an awesome fight.