Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm officially getting old

I went to the eye doctor this morning. My eyes still read at 20/20, but they also still don't know how to relax (much like the rest of my brain). So, he's increasing my prescription for my reading glasses once again, and made me promise to actually WEAR them when I'm working on the computer or reading a book. Since this averages out to at least 60 hours or so a week, I'm going to do it. Anyway, he also pretty much described my glasses-wearing history exactly, even though he didn't really know much from before 2005 (when I moved here and saw him for the first time). He said I had probably been given reading glasses when I was a kid (true, 7th grade). He said I had probably outgrown wearing them (true, by 9th grade, I didn't need them any more). He said that after 3-5 years, I probably needed them again (true, 11th grade, I needed glasses again). Then, he said that every few years, my eyes would need a slightly stronger prescription (which has been true over the last 8 years or so...I bump up one notch every visit to the eye doc). The worst part? I'm going to need bifocals before I'm 40. He checked me today to see if I needed them already (I don't), but told me I won't make it to 40 (which is somehow the magic year for bifocals for most people). He said I might make it to 38, 39 if I'm lucky. This is just peachy, since I'll be 35 next month. So, yep. I'm old.

In other news, the hundred pushups seems to be going okay. Tonight, I do 5 sets that look like this: 14, 19, 14, 14, max to failure (minimum of 19). I get 90 seconds of rest between sets. Wednesday, we'll do the last day of week 3 (which is actually week one for us).

Tomorrow, I'll do my initial situp test. I'm aiming for, oh, 10. Yeah. 10 would be good. I think I can do more than that, especially if I put my feet under the edge of the couch or something, but ugh. I need my abs for BJJ.

Speaking of BJJ, my calendar system is working well. I have lots of little pink highlighter blobs on there, indicating how many times I've trained for the month (6 so far), and only 2 purple blobs, indicating how many times I could have trained, but did not. I'm counting open mats in here, too, and one of those two purple blurbs was the open mat yesterday.

Yesterday, Brian and I went to VB and rebuilt two of the computers in his sister's office. Brian spent ALL day working on a third computer, trying to clean it up a bit, but we couldn't rebuild that one yet. Brian will have to go back for that soon, I think. We took the dogs with us, and they were great. Hung out in the office all day, then came with us to Brian's parents' house for dinner. They crashed on the floor and pretty much slept the entire time we were there.

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