Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the BJJ saddle

I'm tracking how many classes I attend now. I never bothered before, because back in the beginning, if there was a class when I wasn't at work, we were at it. Then, we started getting banged up one way or another. Anyway, my system now is to just hit my calendar with a highlighter on the days that I train. It takes 2 seconds, and every time I look to my right, I see how many times I've trained for the month. It will also be interesting to look back at the end of the year, I bet. Anyway, in the last 5 days, I've had 4 opportunities to train, and made it to 3 of them. Not bad. I'm planning to train tonight at one of our affiliate schools, too.

Also, guard passing month is over, and now we're moving into open guard for January. I'm actually toying with attending a few of the no gi classes for this, believe it or not. Maybe I'll do 2 of the 4 or something. Oooh...that actually works, since I'm going to have to be in to work really early on two Wednesdays, which will mean I can be off in time for the 2 PM class. Super.

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