Thursday, December 3, 2009

The internet makes the world tiny

I left work yesterday around 4:15 to go pick up medals/trophies for our tournament this weekend. This meant leaving the West End of RVA at 5:10, prime traffic time. Add to that the pouring rain (it rains every day, it seems), and it took me about 75 minutes to get home. It should have taken 40, tops. Ugh. Anyway, I'm sitting in traffic, at a red light (for the third cycle, I believe), and I tweeted that the only good thing about traffic was getting to listen to more of the audio book on my iPod right now. By the time I got home, maybe 30 minutes later, the author himself replied to me on Twitter. That's freaky. I think I actually blushed. (I intentionally didn't mention the author or the book here because I'm sure his web searches will find this, and I'll blush all over again.) The book is awesome, though, and I'm really glad Brian got me to listen to it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh, Canada.

So, I'm in Canada. It's sort of surreal. So far, I've hung out at MECCA MMA a lot, ran a double elimination tournament just for women (where we had enough women that not everyone got a medal!), and made it through the first day of a seven day grappling camp. Well, most of the first day, anyway...I didn't do the second training session today because my back is a little sore from traveling and standing on concrete for 8 hours yesterday. Plus, it was no gi.

Canadian things I've done, or will do:

I had a donut from Timmy's, AKA Tim Horton's. I understand this is a very Canadian thing to do. I didn't have a double double, though (which is coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars), so I may not be getting the full experience.

I will eat poutine. This is a big deal. People don't understand that a lot of us have never had this.

I've met a LOT of grappling women, and got to catch up with some old friends. I'm really interested in seeing how I feel about BJJ after the week is over. Right now, I just feel like going to Sleepytown.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Diamond State Games, Competing, and a weird dream

Last weekend, we (US Grappling) ran our 4th Diamond State Games. I think it was the 5th one for Andrew, but only the 4th for me. Anyway, it was also our first two day event, and I really liked it. We were out of the venue by 4 or 5 each day, and had a great time. I even got to compete on Sunday, which was nice. I hadn't competed since November of 2007, back when I was still a white belt. (Andrew says the in-house tournament last year doesn't count.) was actually fun. What I remember of the match: I corrected Turkey Sandwich on the match length time, we shook hands, and I pulled guard pretty quickly. I had a hard time gripping my opponent's sleeves because they were kind of short, but I still worked a little spider guard. I went back and forth with that and closed guard for a while, finally dragging her right arm across to my right side and taking her back. I tried for a bow & arrow choke, but my bottom leg was trapped too deep, so I couldn't get the angle. I think we scrambled around a little when she escaped, and I ended up with her in my half guard. I moved to scissor half, and tried for a kimura from there, which allowed her to pass my guard. I got to my knees and ended up mounting her. Wait, I may have already mounted her earlier, too. I forget now, but I think I was up 8-0 when she passed my guard. I'm not sure any more. The final score ended up 12-3. I had submission opportunities (bow & arrow, kimura, the S-mount armbar I love), but didn't really commit to any of them. I'm sort of disappointed in myself for that, but I'm glad I competed, and was able to actually enjoy the experience. I'm alllmost looking forward to doing it again.

Now, the weird dream I had last night. First, there was a pink buffalo. Really. He was the color of cotton candy. He and I had a high-dive act. We would dive off of platforms into a really deep pool. Jen Flannery was there, taking pictures of us in the water. As a matter of fact, a lot of BJJ people were there. I think someone was coaching me and the buffalo, and there was a referee, like in a tournament. Man, I wish I had written this down when I first woke up, because there was a lot more. Still, I can remember the fluffy pink hair on the buffalo very clearly. Plus, I remember how his eyes looked (dark brown, and very calm) and how his nose looked, and how it felt when he would breathe on me.

Looking back, I suspect Miles was standing next to the bed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Women's open mat weekend

First, and now bring you to my blog. Thanks, Brian!!

On to women's open mat weekend info:

Friday night, Brian and I picked Alaina up at the airport around 6:45 PM.  We headed off to Andrew's class, where we did 2 takedowns (tane otoshi and sumi gaeshi), followed by an evil straight ankle lock that I had to modify just a little in order to do it.  Then, Elaine and Lisa showed up around 9:20 PM, and we waited for Kelly (who went to Richmond BJJ instead of Revolution BJJ on Friday night).  We had dinner at O'Charley's, where our waitress worked very hard to keep us happy.  Back to Casa Linzy, where we went to sleep around 1:30 or 2 AM.

Saturday morning, I made eggs for people, pretending to take special orders, except I can only scramble them.  Luckily, everyone wanted scrambled eggs.     Outlier DC made an awesome fruit salad, and Alaina fried some bacon.  Off to Richmond BJJ for Burdo's class at noon (Lisa was brave enough to go to the 10 AM yoga class first!), where Eric taught a choke that I really like, along with two sweeps off of the choke setup.  Then,  he showed a few ways to get your underhook back from half guard bottom, along with one more thing from there that I've forgotten.  I like Eric's teaching style - it's very detailed and he gives you the 'why', not just the 'how'.  This is very important to keeping my brain happy.  The best part about this class is that there were 7 blue belt women, 1 blue belt man, 9 white belt men, and 5 white belt women.  The women outnumbered AND outranked the dudes.  Very cool to see!  At 2 PM, Eric kicked the boys out, and more women started trickling in.  We ended up with 18 women at the open mat.

Highlights for me:  getting to use my favorite armbar on two people Saturday (everyone at my gym is hip to it now, the jerks), and meeting loads of new women.  Some of them even live here in Richmond, so we'll all get together again soon, I'm sure.

After the open mat ended, around 4 or 4:30, we all headed off to shower at different places, and then met up for dinner at Cafe Gutenberg (which was DELICIOUS).  Then, we booked back to Casa Linzy (I live about 20 minutes from downtown, but it's worth the drive, in my head) to watch the UFC.  Lots of us half-watched, and half-slept through the fights.  People cuddled with my dogs (like Lauren). 

After everyone left, Elaine and Brian stayed up talking about geeky things until nearly 3 AM.  I dozed on the couch, waking up to toss in random (appropriate) comments from time to time. 

We all got back up around 8 AM Saturday, and headed to brunch at Galaxy Diner.  Galaxy offers things like Oreo pancakes and trailer park pancakes (which is actually french toast, stuffed with peanut butter and bananas).  Despite common sense telling us not to move, we headed to Starbucks to kill a little time before the open mat started at 1 PM.  The open mat had 7 or 8 women at it (Alaina, Elaine, Lisa, Leslie, Rosie, Andrea, Eva, Lo, and me...I hope I'm not forgetting anyone), plus another 6 or 8 guys.  I think all of the women got to roll with Andrew and Vince, our awesome purple belt dude. 

Lisa and Elaine headed back to NoVA/NJ around 2:30 (right as Eva, Andrea, and Rosie showed up), and Brian and I left with Alaina and MikeByrd around 3:15, so we could get Alaina to her flight home on time.  I dropped her off at the airport around 5:15 PM, picked up some dinner, and went to bed at 8:30 PM.  It was a fantastic weekend, but exhausting.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What defines you?

I know a lot of people who define themselves by one aspect of who they are. "I'm gay", "I'm black" (oh, sorry, African-American), "I'm a Catholic", "I'm a mother", "I'm an IT nerd", "I'm a gun nut", "I'm a conspiracy theorist", "I'm a collar-popping douchebag" get the idea. Sometimes these labels come from your parents, or your heritage, and you've never known anything else. Sometimes, you find out something about yourself, like sexual preference or collar-popping propensity, and you're so happy to finally find others like you, this becomes everything about who you are. No decisions are made without considering what others like you will think. I think if most people stop to think about who they really are, they'll find that being defined by just one part of the whole is really a disservice.

Personally, I have been having a hard time connecting with people at work, because I don't want to be friends with them. They don't grapple. Then, I realized that I was doing the same thing that I see other people doing, and defining myself as a grappler. That's not all I am. I'm also a wife and an IT nerd and a chick who isn't too good at being one, and a blonde and a million other little things. I wouldn't want anyone else to write me off as "just a grappler", and I was a little disappointed with myself when I realized that I was doing it on my own. It's time for me to stop dividing people into grapplers or civilians and get to know these people I've been working with since last fall on their own merits. They're actually a fairly interesting bunch, including a semi-pro hockey player, a semi-pro bass fisherman, a native of Uganda (I think), and so on. Interestingly enough, if I asked them to label themselves, I think Christian scores high on each list. Makes for an interesting dynamic, for sure.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Once again, I suck

I'm barely training, I never blog, and I'm behind on almost all of my TV shows.

In the good news column, US Grappling is running tons of tournaments, and we're finally making progress on booking venues. Oh, and my sister is graduating from college this weekend. I'm very excited for her (but bummed that I'm going to miss it because I'll be at a tournament).

At any rate, it's time to go do stuff outside my house now. I'm going to get the email blogging deal set up, though. Honest.

Friday, March 27, 2009

On donating platelets, and hating Duke

So, this is how my week went. Monday, I went to work, then went to BJJ. After BJJ (which didn't end until 10), Brian and I had a US Grappling meeting at Glory Days with Andrew. I got home around midnight, and in bed around 1 AM. I think I fell asleep by 1:30 or so, and the alarm went off at 6:15. Tuesday, I knew I had to get to bed early, because I had to be at work at 5 AM on Wednesday. So, I made it to bed at about 11 PM (so much for early), and got up at 4 AM to go to work. Another night of 5 hours of sleep. Yay. After getting to work well before dawn (not good times), we couldn't even start testing until around 7, so it was a waste of my sleep-time anyway. Boo. At 11:30, I headed down to the blood drive, which brings me to donating platelets.

Donating platelets is weird. Just weird. First of all, it took nearly 2 hours. I sat in the room for nearly an hour before I could even start, because they only have 2 platelet-donation stations. So, I watched Forest Gump with the rest of the donating folks, and sent a bunch of text messages. At about 12:30, Forrest Gump ends and it's finally my turn. One of my coworkers had already warned me that when they're returning your blood (well, the non-platelet part), you'll feel cold and your lips will tingle. Boy, was he right! Since I had never donated platelets before, I got to experience the default 8 cycle system. For 5 minutes, they pull blood out of my arm (with a giant needle, I might add). The entire time, I'm squeezing a little sponge-type thing, so I can keep the blood-sucking machine happy with the rate that I'm bleeding. The more I think about this, the less I like it. Anyway, even squeezing every 2 seconds, I don't bleed fast enough. I suppose this is good for most aspects of my life, but not at all good for donating blood on a schedule. Moving on...after they draw blood out, it starts getting returned to you. Now, the cells that they're returning are mixed with saline (hello, cold) and something else. About 2 minutes into the 5 minute return process, I start feeling queasy. I have a terrible metallic taste in my mouth, my lips are tingly, and I'm cold. About 4.5 minutes in, I'm shivering. Repeat 7 more times. At about the halfway point, one of my coworkers got me a can of orange juice, which was nice. It got the weird taste out of my mouth for a few minutes, anyway. Now, normally on release Wednesdays (the crappy days that I have to go in somewhere between 3 and 5 AM), I get off work in time to go to the 2 PM BJJ class. This is by far the best class of the week, and I hardly ever get to go. Unfortunately, after this whole platelet fiasco, training for 2 hours was not on the agenda. Instead, I went home around 2:30. Brian and I got some groceries, he made a delicious London broil, and I fell asleep around 6:30 PM on the couch. At 10:30 or so, I got up, brushed my teeth, and went to bed. I slept until 6:30 on Thursday morning. Oh, and if you're interested, if you're just looking at a bag of platelets hanging there on the blood separating machine, it looks like melted ear wax. It's this weird yellow color, and looks thick and goozy. It was gross.

Thursday and Friday were normal work days (all crap). Tonight, I am skipping BJJ. I have no good reason. I just want to be on my couch, and not drive across town in the rain. I'll go tomorrow, though. It's an open mat, since Andrew is out in LA for the Pan Ams.

Oh, and Duke can suck it. They were supposed to win the stupid NCAA crap, and they lost to crappy Villanova. Way to screw my bracket, jerks.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


For years, I've wanted to like oatmeal. I like oatmeal cookies (but not the ones with raisins in them), so it seemed like there should be a way for me to eat oatmeal for breakfast. I tried all of the instant oatmeal with fruit, with cinnamon roll flavoring, maple and brown sugar, etc., but they all tasted weird and mushy to me...sort of like a bowl of mushy chemicals. So, I had pretty much accepted that I wasn't ever going to actually like oatmeal. Then, I found McCann's Irish Oatmeal in the hippie section of the grocery store. I liked the can, so I figured even if I didn't like the oatmeal, I was still getting a neat can out of the deal. (No, I had no plans for this was just neat.) So, Brian makes some of this new oatmeal, and it's not too bad. I put some fresh fruit in it, and some nuts, and I found that it wasn't too bad. The only down side is that it takes like 45 minutes to make it. Boo! No way I'm getting up 45 minutes earlier to make oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes Brian will make a big batch, so we just have to reheat in the microwave, which works. The other day, I found oven toasted oats in the hippie section, and they claim that this oatmeal cooks in 3-5 minutes. I made some this morning, and it was more like 10 minutes, not counting the time it took the water to boil, but that is still preferred to 45 minutes. I'm having a bowl of semi-instant oatmeal right now. I added a little brown sugar, a bunch of pecans, and some sliced almonds. It's good. Not tolerable, but GOOD. It's so nice to finally have a breakfast option!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New plan redux

So, I made my grand new plan, and promptly got sick. AGAIN. I'm so freaking tired of coughing. I think I've trained 3 times in March. Sigh. I did go to the open mat on Sunday, though. That was a lot of fun. MikeByrd showed me how he sets up a bicep slicer using his 'squirrelly foot' that I'm looking forward to playing with. Even if slicers aren't legal for me for about another 10 or 20 yeas, it's a good setup...leads to a reverse armbar / kimura / straight armbar (if the person defends the first, you go to the next, and so on).

Other than that, things are about the norm. I would like some Thai food. That is all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New plan

Over the last few days, I've been thinking about changing my BJJ mindset. Typically, I go to class when I feel like it, & train as hard (or as soft) as I feel like training at that moment. Since I'm fairly lazy & hate losing, this tends to lead me toward rolling light, or just staying home. My new semi-plan is to treat BJJ more like a part-time job. I need to be training 3 times a week, & training hard. I'm starting to think I need to commit to competing in a certain tournament or something, in order to make myself stick with it for more than a few weeks. Guess I'll have to look at the tournament calendar & find one to do, or come up with another way to get motivated.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Blackberry blogging

Since my public (and by 'my public', I mean Kelly) demands more blogging, & since my tech support (and by 'my tech support', I mean Brian) has pointed out a myriad of ways that I can blog while working, I've decided to try one out. I'm blogging using Opera Mini, on my Blackberry. I typically like Opera Mini, even though it's a little weird with the zooming.

Now, on to actual blogging, or something. Thanks to Brian, I've started listening to TED talks on my iPod. They're great! Plus, they're all right about 20 minutes long, so they're perfect for the drive to work. If I were blogging from a computer, I'd post links or something. Sorry.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, I suck at blogging

Here's the thing. My job blocked I can't blog from work. That's when I feel "bloggy". In the evenings, if I'm not training, I play Mafia Wars, Scrabble, Lexulous, Scramble, or Word Twist. I don't do thinking things after work, aside from BJJ. Work uses up all of my thinking power.

Okay, that's not true. I have plenty of thinking power left. I just don't think about blogging when I'm not at work. That's really what it boils down to, I think.

In better news, I'm still keeping track of my training for the month. Unfortunately, February has been crap-tastic for training. I think I've trained 5 times. I spent the first 10 days recovering from a hellacious cold (and I'm still coughing, even now). To make up for it, I'm going to go to NoVA this weekend. I'm going to hit the first hour of the open mat at FightWorks, and then go to Fifty/50 BJJ for the women's class, followed by their open mat. I should make it back to Richmond sometime Saturday evening, as long as I don't collapse on a mat somewhere.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dogs are funny

Dogs develop the weirdest quirks. For example, Miles comes in from outside and always goes to the same spot to sit in the living room. He sits with his butt against the love seat, facing the dining room. It's his 'I just came in from outside' sitting spot. He does it every time. It makes no sense, but makes me laugh, just the same. A minute ago, he came in, and Deke's feet were hanging over the edge of the love seat, where Miles needed to sit. He sat down and scooted over until Deke pulled one foot back onto the love seat, so Miles could be in the proper spot.

Deke's biggest quirk lately is lying on the love seat, flinging his head onto the arm of it, staring at me sitting on the couch, and whining. I'm not really sure what he wants, but it's weird.

Oh, and if Brian stomps his feet, it signals the beginning of 'crazy time'. Both dogs, but especially Miles, run around and grab toys and slam into each other in mid-air for about 5 minutes. Then, they need another nap. Ah, to be a dog.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Vegas observations

1) Strippers, stripper-hopefuls, and former strippers (or those that should be former strippers) are everywhere.
2) Everyone smokes.
3) Thanks to the UFC, there were Affliction and TapouT shirts everywhere we turned.
4) BJ Penn has a lot of fans, and they all wear his shirts, too.
5) Vegas is not a good place to be a pedestrian.
6) Slot machines are boring after about 5 minutes.
7) There were more overweight cocktail waitresses than I expected.
8) The best thing about Vegas (that I saw) = lions inside MGM Grand. I could have hung out there all day.
9) The food that everyone raves about is really just okay.
10) It's not as easy to get lost inside the hotels as everyone claims. I suspect that has a lot to do with how much you're drinking while you're there.

Overall, I felt like Vegas is one of those places that you have to go to, so you can say you've been there. I didn't feel the instant love for it like I did for NYC, and I didn't feel the instant need to book another trip. I'm sure we'll go back again, though. Next time, we'll have to take in a show or two.

In other news, I am still sick. Boo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

So much to say

And yet, I feel too crappy to type it all up.

Short version: We went to Vegas with another couple that we affectionately call the Bleeds. Yep, I know it's a lousy name. Not my fault. Their screen names are Letmbleed and Letrbleed. What else would you call them? Anyway, we met up in Vegas on Friday, watched MMA fighters weigh in (surprisingly anti-climactic, oddly), then had a swell dinner at a Mexican restaurant in MGM Grand. I think it was called Diego's. Anyway, that was probably the best food we had in Vegas. Saturday, we roamed around the strip a bit, and stopped in a few different casinos. I think New York, New York was everyone's favorite. I know I thought it had the best vibe. Plus, I won money at their slots! Okay, so it was $3.75, but still...I'm a winner! Woo! Saturday night, we went to the UFC, where we saw fascinating things, including a UFC fighter in a sequined dress and heels (hooray for Gono!). We also saw sad things, like BJ Penn getting his guard passed and his face pounded repeatedly by GSP. I like GSP, and feel that he's a great champion/representative of the sport, but BJ Penn has always been one of my favorite fighters. It was very sad to watch GSP just run through him. Sigh.

Anyway, I spent the whole time we were in Vegas sick, and I still feel crummy. I'll post more Vegas observations tomorrow or the next day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wintery Mix

Meh. Snow/sleet/ice is falling from the sky. I do not like this, Sam I am. I do not this wintery sham. I do not like it on the road, I do not like it with a toad. Okay, that's the best I can come up with in my grumpy, I-hate-winter mood.

I'm kind of excited that the US Grappling event season is shaping up for 2009. We already have 7 events officially booked for the year, and that's just the tip of the grappling iceberg. I need to get to work on the venues in other cities, though. Those are tough.

Good news about training last night - I trained with a kid who has been coming for a few months now. He got his first stripe last month, so I guess he's been around a while now. Anyway, last night was the first time I had trained with him. He's not at all a spaz, which is super. Down side is that he's going to be kicking my ass within a few months. I better keep training. Anyway, he's a small fellow, so he's a good partner for me.

Other good news about training last night - I defeated Vince's stupid butterfly hook from half guard. Once. He swept me with it about 4 other times, though. Still, one hook defeat for someone who Brian and I have decided must have 6 feet is a win for me. I love rolling with Vince. Love it. Every single time I roll with him, I learn something. I see things that he's doing that are so simple and effective that I try to remember them.

Bad news about training last night - I can't do a damn thing with Parker. Nothing. I flopped around like a fish out of water the whole time we rolled. Sigh. Oh well. Guess I need to suck it up and roll with him every time we're both there.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Right this minute, my pink marks and my purple marks are tied. I've already made Friday and Saturday purple days, since we'll be out of town, and I'm counting those, too. That means that as long as I train tonight, I can't finish worse than .500 (I prefer to think in terms of batting averages, instead of test scores). If I train tonight AND make it to the Wednesday day class, I'm up two classes! It's been a while since I trained this many times in a month, so it feels good to be training regularly again. I think it's going to average out to training 3x a week. I haven't been training like that since last spring, before I hurt my foot. Even better, Brian has trained every day that I've trained. I don't remember how long it's been since he was able to train this often. (Of course, he's just ignoring all of his parts that hurt, but he's still training!)

Let's see...I don't really have anything else worth mentioning, except one more week to FTE status.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've tripled my reader-ship!

That's right, folks. I went from one reader to THREE. Woo. I should be loaded off of this blog any millenium now.

In other news, today is dress-up day at work. We have 'visitors', so everyone had to wear 'business professional' clothes. Interesting to see what my team thinks that means...2 ties (not counting my director), 1 sports jacket (with a tie), 3 guys in blue shirts & khaki pants (shocking), one woman in a dress, one woman in a suit (me, but it's a fairly casual one), one woman in a girl's sports jacket sort of thing, and a few 'nice' sweaters.

Also, I am still a lazy bum, and I didn't go to no gi last night. Now I have 3 purple marks in a ROW. Sigh. I'll go tomorrow (famous last words at this point, eh?).

Only one more week until we go to Vegas. I'm pretty curious about seeing what all the fuss is out there. We're staying at The Signature @ the MGM Grand, which is their little boutique hotel that doesn't have a casino in it. It looks really nice, though, so I'm glad that our travel buddies were able to get us such a great rate on the room. Anyway, no casino means we'll be heading over to the MGM Grand to check out that hype, along with watching BJ Penn and GSP beat the tar out of each other at the UFC. Lots of firsts for me next weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laziest weekend ever

So, I skipped BJJ Friday night, Sunday (open mat), and last night. That's right. I trained 1 of the 4 times I could have trained over the weekend. Lame. I felt very bad making all of those purple marks on my calendar this morning. I mean, so bad that I'm considering going to no gi class on Wednesday night to get an extra day back. Sigh. Sad times when I'll go to a no gi class on purpose.

On the bright side, Netflix rules. Seriously, it's a lot of fun to poke around in there and find new movies. It's fun to rate the movies. It's just fun. Dan in Real Life? Crappy. Not fun. Not at all.

Oh, I also went to Wal-Mart yesterday and got new lenses for my glasses for about half the price that my eye doctor wanted. Good grief.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New and Different

First, it seems that I'm going to be a real, live employee of an actual company, instead of being a contractor. Sometime next month, I should be officially official.

Second, Brian just ordered Dish Network. We had satellite when we first moved to Richmond, until cable became available. Then, we switched to cable. Since our cable bill is ridiculous, we're getting rid of the cable and the cable phone. We'll keep our internet with them, but that's all. The Dish plan is WAY cheaper, and has plenty of channels. Plus, I think they're all HD. Woo!

Okay, that's not so much new and different stuff, but I don't have loads of time. I'm really looking forward to the three day weekend here. It's been a pretty taxing week at work, what with the HR dealings and all. I'm really looking forward to training for the next 4 days in a row, and (oddly) toward doing pushups tonight. I sort of like them. Sort of.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm officially getting old

I went to the eye doctor this morning. My eyes still read at 20/20, but they also still don't know how to relax (much like the rest of my brain). So, he's increasing my prescription for my reading glasses once again, and made me promise to actually WEAR them when I'm working on the computer or reading a book. Since this averages out to at least 60 hours or so a week, I'm going to do it. Anyway, he also pretty much described my glasses-wearing history exactly, even though he didn't really know much from before 2005 (when I moved here and saw him for the first time). He said I had probably been given reading glasses when I was a kid (true, 7th grade). He said I had probably outgrown wearing them (true, by 9th grade, I didn't need them any more). He said that after 3-5 years, I probably needed them again (true, 11th grade, I needed glasses again). Then, he said that every few years, my eyes would need a slightly stronger prescription (which has been true over the last 8 years or so...I bump up one notch every visit to the eye doc). The worst part? I'm going to need bifocals before I'm 40. He checked me today to see if I needed them already (I don't), but told me I won't make it to 40 (which is somehow the magic year for bifocals for most people). He said I might make it to 38, 39 if I'm lucky. This is just peachy, since I'll be 35 next month. So, yep. I'm old.

In other news, the hundred pushups seems to be going okay. Tonight, I do 5 sets that look like this: 14, 19, 14, 14, max to failure (minimum of 19). I get 90 seconds of rest between sets. Wednesday, we'll do the last day of week 3 (which is actually week one for us).

Tomorrow, I'll do my initial situp test. I'm aiming for, oh, 10. Yeah. 10 would be good. I think I can do more than that, especially if I put my feet under the edge of the couch or something, but ugh. I need my abs for BJJ.

Speaking of BJJ, my calendar system is working well. I have lots of little pink highlighter blobs on there, indicating how many times I've trained for the month (6 so far), and only 2 purple blobs, indicating how many times I could have trained, but did not. I'm counting open mats in here, too, and one of those two purple blurbs was the open mat yesterday.

Yesterday, Brian and I went to VB and rebuilt two of the computers in his sister's office. Brian spent ALL day working on a third computer, trying to clean it up a bit, but we couldn't rebuild that one yet. Brian will have to go back for that soon, I think. We took the dogs with us, and they were great. Hung out in the office all day, then came with us to Brian's parents' house for dinner. They crashed on the floor and pretty much slept the entire time we were there.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

More than BJJ

We're one week in to the new year, and I've trained 4 of 5 possible times. This is pretty good, I think. I didn't go to Trey's on Tuesday night because after training 3 days in a row, I figured taking a day off would be better than ending up needing a week off. It sucks to miss training with Trey, but he's covering our class on Saturday. I won't miss that.

As the title indicates, I'm actually doing something more than BJJ. Last night, I did 2 situps. Sure, that doesn't sound like much, but today I'll do 4. Tomorrow, I'll do 6. We'll keep going until we've added 2 situps for 100 days. It works out to 10,100 situps in 100 days. Oh, holy crap. What have I gotten myself into? In addition to that, I started the one hundred pushups training program. Last night, after bjj, I did 2 situps and then maxed out on pushups. I maxed out at 25. I think I could have done a few more, but my form was still pretty good at 25, and I just didn't want to do any more. Pushups aren't easy. Anyway, since my baseline is 25, I start at week three. You can read about the plan here: Friday, I do something like 12 pushups, then 17, then 13, then 13 more, then max out, with a minimum of 17. I get a 60 second break between the sets. Yay. At least this program is only three days a week.

Brian is also doing the situps and pushups, and so is my friend, Jennie, in Virginia Beach. It will be interesting to see how long we stick with it (especially knowing how MANY situps we're going to be doing). I just figured out that our last situp day is April 16. That seems so far away right now. So very, very far. At the end of all of this, I should have great core strength and abs and crap though, right?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the BJJ saddle

I'm tracking how many classes I attend now. I never bothered before, because back in the beginning, if there was a class when I wasn't at work, we were at it. Then, we started getting banged up one way or another. Anyway, my system now is to just hit my calendar with a highlighter on the days that I train. It takes 2 seconds, and every time I look to my right, I see how many times I've trained for the month. It will also be interesting to look back at the end of the year, I bet. Anyway, in the last 5 days, I've had 4 opportunities to train, and made it to 3 of them. Not bad. I'm planning to train tonight at one of our affiliate schools, too.

Also, guard passing month is over, and now we're moving into open guard for January. I'm actually toying with attending a few of the no gi classes for this, believe it or not. Maybe I'll do 2 of the 4 or something. Oooh...that actually works, since I'm going to have to be in to work really early on two Wednesdays, which will mean I can be off in time for the 2 PM class. Super.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Food and when to eat it

I have a lot of rules about what can/should be eaten, and when. For example, pizza is not a breakfast food. Neither is spaghetti. Now, I don't actually like your standard breakfast foods too much (eggs, grits, toast, oatmeal), but I still have clear ideas on what should and should not be eaten for breakfast. Growing up, I liked to eat soup for breakfast. Specifically, Campbell's condensed chicken and {insert pasta form here}. It heats up fast, it was better than eggs (ick), and more filling than cereal. I'm not sure when I got away from the habit, but for the last few years, I've been eating a muffin most days. Muffins, while tasty, are not what you could call 'diet-friendly'. So, no more muffins. (It helps that Starbucks has discontinued the cranberry orange muffins, too.) I think I'm going to have just get over it and start eating oatmeal and/or eggs. Sigh.

Moving on, not only do I have ideas about proper breakfast foods, but also what foods go with what weather conditions. Everyone knows that snow days call for something warm and comforting. Foods that fall into this category for me include chili, mashed potatoes, and fresh donuts. When I was a kid, we would make donuts at home on the first snow day of the year, which was always sort of magical. Anyway, I'm not sure why I even like chili so much, because I don't like most of the things in it. I pick around the tomatoes, I don't like biting into onions...gah. Still, I like chili. I like it on rice, or mashed potatoes. I like it in a bowl with sour cream. I like it with chunks of steak in it (but prefer no ground beef). I like it with beans. Huh. You know what...I like Campbells Chili Beef soup. THAT's where my chili love began. I like this stream of consciousness writing just never know what's going to come out.

Today, it snowed. I brought a salad for lunch. These two things do not go together. I ate my salad anyway, but now I want something warm to eat. I'm wondering what will happen if I put an apple in the microwave. I probably won't do it, but a baked apple sure does sound nice right now.