Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday day class recap

Well, ow. We started rolling at 2 PM and stopped at 3:45. Then, we did about 35 minutes of technique. We did 5 minute rounds with everyone, stopped for a 5 minute water break, and then did 4 minute rounds until 3:45. I rolled with Cheryl, Fred, Jose, rested a round, Andrew, Bryan, Dave, Parker, Antoni, Jackie, and Rachel. That took us to the break, I think. Then, Andrew watched everyone roll, to find a common theme for the lesson. I rolled with Cheryl, Fred, Jackie, Isaac, Parker, and Rachel. I think that's it. Andrew showed 3 scissor half guard passes when we were done rolling. It was a good class, albeit painful. I'm pretty achy today, but in a good way.

After class, I checked on Brian (who has been sick for days and days). His fever was back, so we went to Patient First. That was an experience. We were there a little over 2 hours. They took his temperature when we got there (101.3) and tested his snot for the flu. That came back negative, so they took some blood from his finger, swabbed his throat, gave him a shot of some anti-inflammatory to help with his head and body aches, gave him 3 super-strong Tylenol, and rolled in an IV. Two nurses tried to put in the IV, once in the left arm and twice in the right, but failed. The third (and final) attempt punctured through the vein, which allowed saline to leak into the tissue. That burns. Yay. They scrapped the IV plan (after repeatedly telling Brian that his veins were weird, etc.). Brian drank 2 cups of water and the bottle that I brought along, then got to pee in a cup, so that they could test his urine, too. Final result? "It's probably viral, and we can't really give you anything for it." Suuuuper. I'm taking him to his regular doctor at 1:10 this afternoon.

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